The term 'Action Painting' was first used 1952 by New York art critic Harold Rosenberg to describe the work of artists like Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and many more. It characterizes the artist's process of creation which is at least as important as the finished artwork.

'Auction Painting' is a visualization of online auctions. The 'movements' of an ongoing auction website are tracked real time and produce a piece of 'artwork' that shows how many items of an auction are NEW or LIKE NEW.
Certain keywords force certain behaviors: A simple line is generated by the letters - each letter has its own direction. The word NEW makes the line darker and densificated every time it occurs. Words like ALMOST NEW, LIKE NEW,... produce a green line until another NEW changes it back to black.

Auction Painting is integrated in a java applet that is developed with proce55ing. It may takes some seconds to load.