The idea for this one-day-project was inspired by an artwork of Hanne Darboven, "7 Tafeln, II", produced in 1972/73.
"'7 Tafeln, II' (7 Panels, II) consists of 245 pages inscribed in pencil in identical repetition. 20 lines on the left half of the page, 20 lines on the right. Only the broader point of the increasingly dull pencil and an occasional faltering of the writing hand interrupt the monotony. Yet this slight compression of lines could could be hardly described as a 'mistake', for there is no text; the page is covered only with the regular up and down of a line drawn in pencil. The pencil is sharpened again, the line begun anew and continued until the sheets of paper can be combined into an obvious geometrical and mathematical order: five rows of seven pages each. The work as a whole consists of seven of these square panels."
[Kaak, Joachim; Thierholf, Corinna (2000) "Hanne Darboven / John Cage; A Dialogue of Artworks", Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit]
For the workout in Proce55ing, the main aim was to make an approach to the above mentioned process of handwriting. The lines should be drawn by typing. The "mistakes" have to be drawn randomly on the screen, each combined to a letter.
In this first version, programmed in one day, a text was analyzed and transformed into bezier-curves. To make sure the shape of the lines are close to Darboven´s, a basic line was drawn before in Adobe Illustrator. The next step was, to transfer anchor- and control line coordinates from into proce55ing. For each letter, the control line parameters has been modified, sometimes the anchor point parameters, too.